Residential Mortgage Solutions

Second Mortgages

You’ve been through the banks “disapproval process” as so many other Canadians have and we know it was discouraging.

Self-Employed Mortgage

A self-employed mortgage loan with Cheap Money might actually have a lower interest rate than the banks will offer in your circumstance.

Home Equity Loans

When creditors are hounding you and you have to make a decision, a home equity loan or line of credit can be a wonderful solution.

Vacant Land Mortgages

The real estate market is strong and vacant land is in very short supply. Land can be a worthy short term or long term investment strategy.

Private Mortgages

We have a number of funding sources for private mortgages, so give us a call now to talk about your specific needs.

Mortgage Arrears

Falling behind on mortgage payments is not at all that uncommon. Yet, foreclosure and power of sale are a very real threat to your home investment and family.

Power of Sale / Foreclosure

Losing your home and property truly is a big loss. You need to take action when a power of sale or foreclosure notice has been given to you.

Mortgage Renewal / Switch

The best time to get out of a bank mortgage is now. Your bank is hoping you won’t check around for a better deal.

Secured Line of Credit

When your bank’s collections agents are hounding you for payments, it might be the wrong time to ask them for a line of credit.

Collections / Debt Consolidation

Even if you make payments regularly, you’ll likely never pay off that credit card debt. A consolidation loan with Cheap Money is a timely solution.

First Time Home Buyers

Cheap Money gives you access to a wide variety of lenders which means more options for you. You’re looking for better rates, better terms, and better service.

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial lending can be a complicated process and if your credit has some marks on it, a bank will only work with you at high interest rates.