Better Mortgages for Self-Employed People

The Good News: Cheap Money is a better alternative and we like saying Yes a lot.

When the Federal Government enacted Guideline B20, a good number of worthy business owners found mortgage financing little more than a dream. This reconfirmed that that the Feds are not too interested in what they deem “risky business.”

Guideline B20 Makes it Even Tougher

Banks only care what’s written on Line 150 of your tax return and that’s not fair. Banks also insist on having current financial statements regardless of how long you've owned the business or the fact that they've been your business banker for years and that's just not fair. And they still will only lend you up to a maximum of 65% of your home’s value. Spare yourself the tough grind of an uncomfortable conversation and process with the bankers and come directly to us.

A self-employed mortgage loan with Cheap Money might actually have a lower interest rate than the banks will offer in your circumstance.