No Hassle Private Mortgages

There are good benefits to financing through Cheap Money.

Alternative Financing from Cheap Money May Offer:

  • Faster financing
  • More lenient payment terms
  • Mortgages where a recent bankruptcy/low credit score prevents you from obtaining financing
  • Mortgages for self-employed people
  • Financing for unique properties, vacant land, or to complete construction
  • Funds to avoid foreclosure or power of sales (2nd mortgages)
  • Whatever reason; it's your equity and it's your money

The wake of the Federal government’s tight lending guidelines is growing. Condos buyers, new home buyers, self-employed, and even wealthy homeowners are finding it tough to obtain financing or even refinance.

We have a number of funding sources for private mortgages, so give us a call now to talk about your specific needs.