If Your Bank Doesn't Want to Compete, Say Good Bye!

The best time to get out of a bank mortgage is now. Your bank is hoping you won’t check around for a better deal. Stats show 75% of mortgage holders don’t shop around even though better deals are available. That’s not good.

Fewer homeowners want to be saddled with rigid mortgage policies with payments that leave them with a less desirable lifestyle.

Why stick with a policy that doesn’t work for you? Feeling sorry for the banks? You shouldn’t; they’re receiving profit at their full capacity from service fees and other annoyances.

Shoping around for a better mortgage

Cheap Money to the Rescue

Cheap Money has access to a much wider range of lenders and policy options. That provides you with the flexibility you want. You can choose the variable rate or fixed rate policy that makes sense for you, or the length of term, and any other coverage/features you really want. We have no allegiance to the banks and want you to have the best possible policy. Our goal is to have the banks compete for your business, it only makes sense and it doesn't cost you anything to find out how it works.

You must give your bank 21 days notice before the end of your term when you switch or terminate. We will handle the mortgage switch for you. It’s easy. Just call us.